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7896 cloth



7896 cloth is a super absorbent, reusable and soft microfiber kitchen towel.


Made from great quality coral fleece fabric. It is naturally sustainable, which makes them also perfect cloths for your eyeglasses. Most importantly, cleaning cloths don’t leave any fluff or lint behind.


Extremely soft and really absorb a lot of fluid. These micro fiber cleaning cloth do not scratch your stainless steel appliances but the soft fibers can grab the oil and other debris. Most importantly, they are quick drying.


Great at absorbing spills and are durable. Capable of withstanding any task that you may have in the kitchen. Our 7896 cloth for the kitchen are super absorbent, unlike some other material cloths that needs multiple washes before they lose their waxy coating. 7896 cloth are definitely worth every penny.


Great for all kinds of cleaning needs. You can use these cleaning cloths for furniture polish, window cleaning and countertops. 7896 cloth also hold up well in the washing machine and they still stay in a good shape and seem like brand new after multiple washings.



    1. Material: Coral Fleece Fabric
    2. Dimension: Approx 21cm x 21cm
    3. Weight: Approx 10g
    4. Colour: Random

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