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BS-04B Impervious Nano Glass Easy Cleaning Liquid



A coating suitable for indoor and outdoor use glass.


Main Ingredient:
Fluorocarbon resin


Product Characteristics:
This Coating is a solution with a slightly alcoholic smell and a clear appearance.


This coating is oleophobic, easy to clean, anti-fouling, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, wear-resistant and excellent weather resistance


Applicable Surface:
This coating is suitable for indoor and outdoor (curtain wall, high-end doors and windows, automobile) glass and other engineering glass


Packaging Size:
1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg


Application Instruction:

Use the brushing method

    • The glass must be clean and dry before use, and check whether there are residual stains on the surface.


Visual observation method

    • View the side of the light to see if there is oil, fingerprints, dirt, dust, etc. on the surface;


Dropper drop test method

    • Use a special dropper to squeeze a few drops of water onto the surface of the glass to be cleaned, and observe the changes around the water droplets when they spread out. If the water droplets spread evenly around, it proves that the glass is clean; if the water droplets are not evenly spread (the water droplets are raised shape), and there is shrinkage around the water droplet, then the glass surface is stained and needs to be cleaned. In order to completely remove the stains on the surface of the object, it is recommended to:

      1. Use a glass washing machine for cleaning;
      2.  Use high-purity industrial alcohol to wipe the glass surface. If the glass surface is clean or freshly produced, the surface does not need to be cleaned.

      Squeeze or spray a small amount of nano self-cleaning liquid on a clean special cloth, and then apply it on the clean and dry glass surface for maintenance and easy cleaning. Do not drop the nano self-cleaning liquid directly on the glass surface. Apply horizontally first, then vertically to ensure an even coating on the glass surface.


Technical Parameter:

    1. The initial water drop angle is ≥105°. After the steel wool wear-resistant machine is loaded with 500 grams of weight, and the grinding head (size 20mm*20mm) wrapped in cotton cloth is used to rub back and forth for 30,000 times, the water drop angle is ≥90°
    2. Film thickness: 2-6nm
    3. Film hardness: 6-8 Hours
    4. PH value: 2-3
    5. UV aging resistance test: 800h
    6. Curing time: surface dry for 15-30 minutes, can do water test, hard dry for more than 24 hours, can be packaged.
    7. Use area: 1L can cover 100-150㎡



Items to take Note:

    1. Shake well before use, and cover the container tightly after use.
    2. Please conduct a small-scale test before use, and then use it online after confirming the performance. To avoid a large amount of inhalation, please wear protective equipment and use it in a non-closed environment or in a ventilated place.
    3. If the liquid accidentally enters the eyes, please rinse with clean water for more than 15 minutes, and go to the hospital for examination.
    4. If the liquid enters the mouth, please spit it out immediately and go to the hospital for examination.
    5. If the liquid sticks to the skin, please wash it immediately with water and soap.
    6. Storage period: 12 months.
    7. Storage method: Store in a cool, dry, and ventilated place, avoid prolonged exposure to high temperature and humidity, and do not store below 0°C or above 40°C, otherwise irreversible qualitative changes may occur. Use only original container.
    8. Production date: see outer packaging

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