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BS-08A Impervious Anti-Graffiti Clear Coating



A coating suitable for indoor tiles, glass, metal, cement walls, painted surfaces, etc.


Main Ingredient:
Polysiloxane resin


Product Characteristics:
Colorless and Transparent


This coating has the properties of long-lasting anti-fouling, anti-graffiti, has very good drying, adhesion, superior hardness and other physical properties and excellent alkali resistance and waterproof performance. It can help with easy removal of advertisment pasted on the applied surface.


Applicable Surface:
This coating is suitable for indoor tiles, glass, metal, cement walls, painted surfaces, etc.


Packaging Size:
1kg, 5kg, 10kg


Application Instruction:

Spraying, Brushing or Rolling


Technical Parameters:

  1. Active ingredients: 45%
  2. Film hardness 4-6 hours (Mitsubishi pencil)
  3. Adhesion level 0-1 (different substrates)
  4. Light transmittance ≥92%
  5. PH value 7-8
  6. Curing conditions: curing at room temperature. Surface dry time 2 Hours. Complete dry time 24 Hours
  7. Elongation 58.68(mpa)


Items to take Note:

  1. Shake well before use, and cover the container tightly after use.
  2. Please conduct a small-scale test before use, and then use it online after confirming the performance.To avoid a large amount of inhalation, please wear protective equipment and use it in a non-closed environment or in a ventilated place.
  3. If the liquid accidentally enters the eyes, please rinse with clean water for more than 15 minutes, and go to the hospital for examination.
  4. If the liquid enters the mouth, please spit it out immediately and go to the hospital for examination.
  5. If the liquid sticks to the skin, please wash it immediately with water and soap.
  6. Storage period: 6 months.
  7.  Storage method: Store in a cool, dry, and ventilated place, avoid prolonged exposure to high temperature and humidity, and do not store below 0°C or above 40°C, otherwise irreversible qualitative changes may occur. Use only original container.
  8. Production date: see outer packaging

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