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LM06 – Two Way Micro Angle Soft-Closing Aluminium Frame Clip-On



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Roll Forming Technics From Taiwan


Through careful design and force analysis, the roller mechanism of the roll-forming machine ensures the roller will not be over-limit deformed under high speed and heavy load, and keeps the roller close to the slide design, makes sure the consistency of the slide section after cold rolling. Meanwhile, the selection of roller material and processing technology also guarantees the rigidity and durability of roller and makes the product quality more stable under high quality standard.


Rollers are soul of slide rolling process. The steel strip is rolled through more than ten groups of rollers at high speed and gradually formed into a glossy slide. Cold rolling will produce lots of heat and abrasion. This requires high-level standard of roller rigidity, abrasion resistance, hardness, thermal deformation and roughness. Because of our design and manufacturing standard the roller precision level can reach ‘n level and roughness can reach Ra0.8.




  • Opening angle: 100 o
  • Drilling distance on aluminum frame hinge head: 28mm
  • Material: cold rolled steel, nickel plated
  • Range of width of aluminum: 19 – 23mm
  • Drilling distance on the door (K): 3 mm
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