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SO1 Superhydrophobic & Abrasion Resistant Coating




Main Ingredient:



Product Characteristics:

Milky white and translucent.



This product is made of natural nano materials through special process modification. A layer of super-hydrophobic, self-cleaning coating will be formed on the surface of the substrate by spraying, painting or brushing.


Applicable Surface:
Radome, bridge, wind turbine blade, building, glass, steel, plastic, wood etc.


Packaging Size:
1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg


Application Instruction:

  1. Check whether there is sediment before using this product, and shake it evenly before using.
  2. Before use, the substrate must be clean and dry, and the surface should be checked for residual stains. Pour the S01 liquid into the spray gun tank, adjust the spray gun to an atomized state, keep the distance between the spray gun and the base material at about 15cm~20cm, Gun speed to be maintained at 20cm/s – 40cm/s, and spray the Nano water on the base material horizontally or vertically.
  3. Spray evenly on the surface of the substrate with a spray gun. Spraying at low pressure and low flow has a better effect. The product can be treated with an area of about 7m2 for 1L. It is recommended to use a small caliber spray gun with good atomization effect for spraying. Recommended thickness 10~25um Air compressor : 0.8 mpa, Spray gun size : 0.2 ~ 0.3mpa
  4. After spraying, it will stand for more than 1 hour. After the surface solvent volatilizes, it will have super hydrophobic effect.


Technical Parameters:

  1. The film hardness is 1H (Mitsubishi Pencil) 
  2. Adhesion level 0-1 
  3. Outdoor stability55d SA=3°
  4. The PH value is 7-8 
  5. Curing conditions: Curing at room temperature, surface drying time 30min, practical working time 24H (subject to humidity). 
  6. Resistant to water pressure shock 50(kpa)
  7. High and low temperature resistance : 30°~200°
  8. Contact angle≥150 ̊
  9. Sliding angle≤5 ̊
  10. It can withstand acid rain for 24 hours.


Items to take Note:

  1. Shake well before use until there is no sediment. Cover the container tightly after use。
  2. After opening, solution shall be kept and stored in a cool place, not in direct. sunlight。
  3. This product cannot be mixed with other solvents
  4. Spray gun should be free of contamination before spraying, and do not operate in a closed environment or a open flame environment
  5. Please conduct a small-scale test before use. To avoid a large amount of inhalation, please wear personal protective equipment and use it in a non-closed environment or in a ventilated place. 
  6. If the liquid accidentally enters the eyes, please rinse with clean water for more than 15 minutes, and go to the hospital for examination.
  7. If the liquid enters the mouth, please spit it out immediately and go to the hospital for examination.
  8. If the liquid sticks to the skin, please wash it immediately with water and soap.
  9. Storage period: 12 months
  10. Storage method: Store in a cool, dry, and ventilated place, avoid prolonged exposure to high temperature and humidity, and do not store below10°C or above 30°C. Use only original container. Keep away from flame.
  11. The minimum operating temperature from 5°C and the humidity is below 80%.
  12. Date of production: see the outer packaging. 


Estimated coverage : 1L – 10m2

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